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What happens on a murder mystery?

“What happens on a murder mystery evening?”
After 25 years in the murder mystery business, the question I get asked with most frequency is
“so what happens?”
The details of the story are dependent on the type of event the hirer would like to produce, and what themes would work best with the clientele, but the format of the murder mystery, shrouded in intrigue and often humour, is a little like this…
The guests enjoy a pre-dinner drink and are joined by some unusual characters. It may be a wealthy widow, the heir to a fortune, his frivolous girlfriend, and of course the black sheep of the family.
The characters will be delighted to chat and gossip with the guests. They will also be passing on information and opinions; thus the plot is quietly unfolding as the characters circulate and mingle. The guests may involve themselves as much or as little as they choose.
During the meal, there may be a toast to a surprise announcement or a moment of tension between two of the characters. The repartee continues between guests and characters so that everyone is drawn into the intrigue. Then the murderer strikes and a body is discovered. Guests may view the terrible blood-stained victim and speculate “Who done it?”.

The body falls...

As the evening progresses, further drama unfolds; suspects should be observed and questioned as conclusions are drawn.
Over coffee guests have the opportunity to record their solutions to the murders; a bottle of champagne awaits the most accurate solution and of course a booby prize for the most hopeless. The real solution is revealed at the end of the evening.
Do you think you could outwit our dastardly killers? Do you want to meet one of the characters for yourself? Or would you like to know more about how a corporate event or murder mystery party from Scandalous Affairs could work for your company or special event?
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Happy investigating!