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How do you invigorate a networking event?

While essential in today’s constantly evolving corporate world, everybody knows that networking events can be a little dry. The trouble with providing entertainment, is that it all too easily shifts focus away from the attendees, negating their reason for coming along.
There is always a degree of pressure to make sure your event is memorable, runs smoothly and is beneficial for the members.
The answer is an interactive hour that gets participants talking, with a simple task at hand;

Find out whodunnit!

If you are organising a networking event, use a murder mystery taster to take the pressure off yourself. We provide a self-contained hour of mystery to add a new dynamic to your evening. With skilled actors to drop hints and clues, their colourful characters on hand to promote discussion, it’s certain to give a fun twist to your event, and most importantly leave plenty of time for chat.

The Wedding Affair networking event at Ripon Cathedral

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