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Ship Ahoy, all on board the Titanic!

Finishing touches to make your night more special

At the weekend we had pleasure of taking our new Titanic murder mystery to the purpose built function ‘barn’ at the award winning Durham Ox in Crayke, North Yorkshire.
The evening was fully booked and deemed a great success by guests and the venue; full of suspense, intrigue, plot twists and most importantly –a great deal of fun.

Discussing motives as the evening winds to it's conclusion

Deck chair - as used by Edna Glendenning before meeting an untimely end!

As well as beautiful costumes and millinery, to truly set the scene we dressed the room with an array of finishing touches, from vintage deck chairs (Sophie Likes, Harrogate) and nautical memorabilia; evacuation procedures, life belts, and most importantly sick bags! We even added a hint of theatre magic to the room, with lighting and sound and effects (Wonderphil and York Theatre Royal).

A watery end, depicted in ice

The final flair was our ice sculpture depicting the Titanic meeting its fate with the iceberg, courtesy of Rick Havely.





This attention to detail, along with entertaining plot lines and our team of professional actors is what sets Scandalous Affairs apart from other murder mystery companies.

Congratulations ladies, and glad to see you're enjoying the props too!

Is the Titanic the perfect theme for your event or celebration? We can help you create the most enjoyable evening for your guests, so your party is the one everybody remembers.
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Finishing touches to make your night more special