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Below meet a few of our most popular characters who appear in our murder mystery nights. Have a listen and see if they give anything away;

Lilly at Hawkhills


Adam at Hawkhills


A body is found!

Watch the latest video from our event at The Hawkhills, in collaboration with  The body is at the end for those of you who like to see the blood!


Francis Turnover

Francis appears in a plot called The Rideout Racing Scandal. He is very successful in business but usually at the expense of others. He has a lot of history with the other characters. Don’t trust him and more importantly, don’t fall for him!


Camilla Le Brock

Camilla has fallen on good times. Her boyfriend turns out to be a wealthy property owner, which rather makes up for his lack of youth! Camilla has a few moments to herself here in the dressing room and might open up her thoughts to you.


Watch 1920's themed montage of our past events


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Scandalous Affairs is based in York, North Yorkshire, and we stage fantastic murder mystery nights all over the UK