Adventure Team Building 

Play a key part in a murder investigation  

criminal through woodsigncriminal on quad tyre track
 dusting door dusting bikeevidencepath board


Under pressure would your team pull together or fall apart? Scandalous Affairs has joined forces with Spencer McLeod of The Activities Group to develop a unique team building experience using realistic murder investigations to help improve your team.

Replicate the pressures of work in an unfamiliar environment to improve communication skills and working styles.

We offer:

  • FREE pre-event consultation with 100% money back guarantee if you do not achieve your targets
  • Clear focus on the purpose of the day
  • Energy, fun and self-discovery on a real life challenge
  • Results that have a positive impact on your business

Are you ready to:

  • Focus your ‘little grey cells’ to outwit the criminal
  • Uncover the strengths and skills of your team
  • Have a memorable day out of the office


  • sales teams, cross-functional teams and senior managers
  • expanding teams who want to work more effectively together
  • busy offices who need time to reflect in a more relaxed environment 


  • Full or half day
  • Beautiful North Yorkshire base available if required
  • Also full UK coverage

You can call 0800 112 0088 or email

or contact Liz Somers directly on 

Scandalous Affairs is based in York, North Yorkshire, and we stage fantastic murder mystery nights all over the UK