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About Scandalous Affairs

Q&A with Liz

Who we are

Please watch Scandalous Affairs Q&A video clip to get a flavour of their work.  When you need to organise your next special occasion, let them help make your event the best it can be with a murder mystery night.

Scandalous Affairs aim to produce the finest murder mystery evenings for you.  Taking their lead from masters such as Agatha Christie, Scandalous Affairs offer you the true experience of being in a murder mystery plot.  Intriguing, amusing and highly entertaining.  Armchair and amateur detectives are all encouraged to pit their wits against Scandalous Affairs.

Fallen down stairs

Please read our case studies page which describes and analyses three of our best original events.  We work for large mult-nationals, small internationals and many local businesses - all of them are important to us.  We are a safe pair of hands! 

Are you organising an event?  From indoor team building activities to small group murder mysteries, with 12 - 25 guests.  Scandalous Affairs has lots of dinner party ideas for small groups – including the ever popular Will Reading Murder Mystery

Themed Dinner Party Format

Usually revolving around a three-course meal, the charismatic characters will join you for pre-dinner drinks and will chat and gossip until you feel you’ve known them for years.  Moving through to dinner you may observe something strange in a glance or note, or a hurried whisper between two would be lovers.  Enjoy your first course, relax with your dinner guests and keep one eye on proceedings, as a grisly discovery is made.  If you can tear yourself away from your main course it will be worth seeing the bloody body, gather evidence and start thinking!  Who had anything to gain or something to lose?  Pursue a line of enquiry by buddying up with one of the characters and see what they can tell you.  When you’ve got an idea whodunit, you can write down your solution.  This will be scrutinised and then it’s time for the final thrill of the Scandalous Affairs denouement.  The suspects will be gathered before you for the final revelation of the murderer and why.  We present champagne to the winner and a booby prize for the most hopeless.  Will you be Poirot or Clousseau?

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Where we work

Scandalous Affairs travel across the UK to present their murder mystery evenings, no job is too big or small.  The murder mystery events can take place in any location from hotel to marquee.  Just a few of the locations Scandalous Affairs have worked in include various Marriott hotels, Malmaison Oxford (a former prison) and the unusual De Grey Rooms in York.



If you have a special birthday party coming up or are organising a sophisticated hen party, consider joining us at 

The Cedar Court Grand, York

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What we do

Bloody mirror

We like to take your guests on a journey meeting interesting and intriguing characters along the way.  You will get to know them and then witness a terrible crime.  Warning: all the scenes are very believable and you may not instantly be able to distinguish between actors and guests.  Initially you and your guests will work out who the suspects are and then try and identify which one is the murderer!!!!

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Scandalous Affairs is based in York, North Yorkshire, and we stage fantastic murder mystery nights all over the UK