We’ll meet again soon

June 19, 2020

Fingers crossed we will be meeting and entertaining you again soon as lock down restrictions are slowly eased.  We are dying to see you and the entire acting team have missed the thrilling audience interaction that is unique to murder mystery events.  Before we get back into the swing of things I have written a few words about what I have been up to during lock down and how this might feature in future plots.

Sad news that Vera Lynn died yesterday, our force’s sweetheart and only a short time after the VE celebrations in May which she was a key part of.  I have written a new murder mystery story set during the war time so we can all get dressed up in the vintage style and have an evening of old fashioned sing along fun but of course a murderer lurks in the background and you will have to work out which one of us is guilty.  Here are a few photos from the era:

Talking of all things 1940’s, I have been watching The Great British Sewing Bee and enjoying the 1940’s outfits of Clare, (see below) one of the finalists.  She is very talented and has great vintage style.  I was also delighted to see that the sewer’s challenge this week was to make a flapper dress.  They found it very difficult.  I’m not surprised with all those sequins and feathers!  Our 1920’s murder mysteries are a great occasion to dress up in the wonderful 1920’s style but maybe borrow, hire or buy a glamorous outfit – but if you do make your own, please do let us know as we would love to see!  Anyway good luck Clare for the final next week, and here are a few of our 1920’s outfits.

I have been writing a screenplay with the help of an online screenwriting course which proved very stimulating and is free to join.  Take a look at https://www.futurelearn.com/  They have a brilliant variety of courses and many of them are free.  Mine is called An Introduction To Screenwriting and is run by UEA (University of East Anglia).  My screenplay is about a group of graduates who return home from university to find their rural village far too quiet and complacent and have a haunting adventure at an abandoned castle.  No murders but at least one death!  If it gets accepted by a film studio or television production company, I’ll let you know!

Hopefully we will see you again soon and if you need any help planning a murder mystery event just get in touch, we have years of hands on experience!

As soon as we have some dates confirmed for our fantastic murder mystery evenings at hotels we will put them on the website and **hot off the press – a unique and exciting venue in South Yorkshire has just started to plan some events.  In all our 25 years we have never staged a murder mystery in a plane before!