Ghostly Banking – Private Murder Mystery

International bank, Equigroup asked Scandalous Affairs to create a unique private murder mystery evening for 16 international banking delegates on their visit to Oxford. We had a really exciting venue for this one, and were thrilled to be heading to Malmaison Oxford, a former Victorian prison.

In keeping with the venue, we hosted an intimate Victorian will reading and séance. Our characters and narrative we all shaped around the period and we encouraged each guest to fully immerse themselves in the story. This was unlike anything the guests had ever been to before.

Our dramatic story telling and interactive séance appealed to everyone present. Even in a group full of mixed interests and nationalities, every person was swept up in the drama of the night and thoroughly enjoyed their time with us.

With such a small guest list, we made sure we familiarised ourselves with each person attending. This allowed us to tailor the evening perfectly and to host an intimate, engaging event that everyone could participate in.