Murder Mystery FAQs

Please find our murder mystery FAQs below to learn at little more about what you can expect from Scandalous Affairs.

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for please do not hesitate to get in touch by calling 01347 823270 or email

Liz Somers personally guarantees that the expertise and advice provided by Scandalous Affairs is invaluable when planning a murder mystery event. It’s not easy to create the interactive entertainment, on different levels, over dinner, but time and time again our events prove a successful way of creating something unexpected and fun. Please talk to Liz directly about your event whether it be a dinner party idea or an indoor team building activity.

Over the years Scandalous Affairs has found that some guests are absolutely full on and others more reserved.  We specialise in managing this kind of interactive mix ensuring all of your guests have a great evening. Our actors are experienced in dealing with lively and shy guests and the guests don’t have to ask any questions to have a lovely evening, as they can soak up the atmosphere and watch their colleagues and friends throw themselves into the action!

Try to imagine how you want the murder mystery evening to look and feel, you’ll probably have more ideas than you realise and can discuss the why, where and how many.

Why not ring Liz for a no obligation chat? She can guide you where to go next.

Of course we can! We love coming up with new ideas and putting our actors to the test, it’s one of the most fun parts of our work. Get in touch with Liz to discuss your ideas and we’ll start putting together your perfect murder mystery evening.

We host all kinds of murder mystery events for all group sizes. We can start with parties of between 12 and 25 people and expand to large corporate events of over 250 guests.

Scandalous Affairs events are ‘hand-made’ and tailored to your specific needs.  An example of the pricing is below:

Groups of 25 or less

The Will Reading murder mystery has a starting price of £650 (excluding food).

Groups of up to 60

A starting package murder mystery is £995 excluding food and costumes, props, music and more can be added as required.

Larger groups

These events are priced on a per head basis.

Indoor team building activities

These are priced on individual requirements, from your brief Scandalous Affairs will prepare a quotation.

We are more than happy to consider bespoke requests for unusual venues or themes and tailor the event accordingly.  Let us know what you are thinking.

We host events all over the UK and can work with any venue. We host a lot of events in hotels and marquees, as well as in smaller spaces for private parties. We’ve even hosted an event in an old Victorian prison.

We’re continually developing new themes and are able to build an event based on our clients’ exact requirements. Popular themes include: 1920s and other decades, Halloween, Victorian, casinos, Christmas, thefts and heists, séances, New Year, masquerades and lots more.

Yes, our actors are an important part of our events. They blend seamlessly into your party and help everyone have a fantastic time. We typically use 5 actors in an event.

Events vary in length depending on what event style you choose. However, we typically keep events to around 3 hours so that your guests have chance to fully immerse themselves and enjoy the event without it going on for too long.

Yes, we love hosting murder mysteries for hen and stag parties. It’s a fantastic, unusual way to celebrate your friend’s upcoming marriage and is something they’re sure to remember for the rest of their life!

Yes, if you’d like costumes providing, this is something we can offer. They will be of professional quality and fit with the theme of the event. Or, if you’d rather, you’ve very welcome to put together your own outfits.

No, we don’t typically allow children to attend our murder mystery events. Teenage and beyond is our recommendation for events.

These days we all work long hours and our work and social lives do become entwined. Organising a dinner for work colleagues can be daunting but Scandalous Affairs can keep arrangements simple but fun and the evening can be as different as you dare.  For example, if there are a lot of ‘alpha’ males then perhaps a football themed murder mystery or if it’s a party night for the girls, then what about joining a horse racing syndicate?

Scandalous Affairs hope you would enjoy working with us and know your clients will love the event. We are totally professional, creative and fun, doing our utmost to exceed demands and expectations. Whether you want us to talk directly to your client or through you, we will ensure you have all the information needed as quickly as possible. Often the client requests ideas for the plot and characters and this is not a problem, run your ideas past us and we’ll come up with solutions, not just for murders but for bespoke events as well.

A comment from a past client Michele at PMMS Consulting Group gives an idea of the reactions Scandalous Affairs receive: “I have received so many positive remarks like, ‘Best evening we’ve ever had’ and that ‘you looked fantastic and were certainly in character…'”

It is great when hotels and venues are creative and different enough to run their own murder mystery events. Scandalous Affairs offer help and advice on themed dinner party ideas to help get the tickets selling fast.

Scandalous Affairs understand hotel managers need to trust their suppliers before recommending them to their clients, so we work hard to earn that trust and build a relationship with all venue managers. Additionally, Scandalous Affairs are happy to talk to your client on your behalf maintaining your professional approach, responding quickly and courteously.

Good try! You won’t find that answer here, you’ll have to work it out for yourself during the event.